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About Dustin Ultican

About Me

A need for challenge, a desire for continued growth, an investment in life-long learning, and a client care commitment to my clients are a few of the factors that fuel me as an individual.

Since graduating high school in 2003, each one of my experiences have involved the need to meet challenges, expand my knowledge, help others, and manage risk effectively.

A childhood filled with education and athletics lead me to my first passionate job teaching and coaching others. I was able to develop and maintain relationships with young people and enjoyed the satisfaction of helping others achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.  With personal continued education and a thirst for new challenges, I began investing in real estate.  The experiences were so great, I wanted to get my real estate license to share the experience with others.  I now help others achieve their dreams of home ownership!

Since obtaining my license, I have far exceeded the necessary requirements to maintain my license.  Why an emphasis on classes and education? Because it is my background and it allows me to give my clients a "Five Star Real Estate Experience".  By putting my clients' needs first, without pressure, I will develop an effective game plan to accomplish their goals through all stages of the buying and/or selling process and beyond.


Message To My Clients:

I embrace the journey life brings us and welcome the opportunity to help you with yours.  Real estate decisions are some of the biggest decisions people make in their lives.  I am honored to have your confidence and trust while helping you accomplish your goals.

My commitment of a comfortable and informed process will give you the peace of mind in an otherwise stressful time.  Let me show you how to accomplish your real estate dreams!



Dustin Ultican

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