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Building A New Home

A new home can be a reflection of yourself and as individually unique as you would like.  From size and style to land and finish, building a new home is completely up to you.  So where do you start? I would love the opportunity to talk about the process, but if you're wanting to begin by yourself, the follow steps are a good place to begin.

1. Define your goals - Where will you build? How big will the home be? What type of finishes?  What style of home? What are your must have's?  These are just a few questions needing answered before beginning.  They will help to see if it's possible when combined with step 2.

2. Budget - A pre-approval will help.  You will be able to get a definite idea of what you can finance, as well as the process throughout the building time period.  To get started with a pre-approval, click the link here:  Get Pre-Approved.

3. Find Land - If you're wanting a specific location, you may have to find some land to build on first.  Builders either want you to purchase the lot or they may purchase it first and build on it.  Many other new builds are built in developments the builder currently owns.  Typically, the builder already owns the lots and is ready to build on them.  You will still have choices between the type of lot and the location, but it will be limited within the development.

4. Work With Trusted Professionals - Research individuals and companies to understand their past performance and experiences other have had.  Not all builders are the same and not all builders have the same approach to the properties they construct.  Research and time spent up front can pay dividends during the construction process and down the road once you own the home.