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Client Testimonials

Mike V.

"Dustin was great.  Knowledgeable.  He provided housing within our requirements, helped discuss the process, was straight forward and engaging.  The first day we actually looked at home with him, we found our new home."

Matt I.

"Dustin came highly recommended by my brother who purchased his first house a few months before my wife and I moved to Columbus.  Working with him was very easy.  He shared his opinions when asked, but made sure that we were the ones to make each decision.  During walk-throughs of potential homes he did more than just give tours, he actively inspected the house and pointed out possible problems and areas of concern.  At the negotiating table, he guided us through a multiple bid scenario and helped us come out on top with the keys to our first home! We are very happy to have met Dustin, and would recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Mike K.

"Dustin worked very hard to get my house sold.  Despite a few buyers falling through due to financing, he made sure to follow up with all past interested parties and keep the process moving along.  He was great at interpreting the contract specifics really walked us through the process and made sure we understood everything."

Joe B.

"Dustin helped me find a house very quickly in a very aggressive market.  He was very professional and attentive to my needs.  This was a very smooth and easy process thanks to him."

Ashley B. 

"Dustin was extremely professional and responsive.  He knows the market very well and was able to get us a home in a very desirable area where the competition is high.  As first-time home buyers, we were appreciative of his knowledge and guidance during the long and sometimes arduous process."

Kim H.

"We looked for a home for probably over a year with Dustin.  The market combined with our level of pickiness led to that length of time.  Dustin was very patient with taking us to the many, many homes we requested to see.  We asked his opinion on a lot of things and it really helped.  We were first time home buyers, and he took the time to explain how the process worked and walk through everything with us. He is a nice guy, patient, and worked within our schedule.  We are very happy with the home we ended up purchasing, it was exactly what we were looking for in the end."

Connor G.

"Dustin is very knowledgeable about the housing market in Columbus, specifically the area he helped me find my home (Short North).  Throughout the entire process, we looked at many homes and Dustin was able to show me the positives and negatives about each property.  After working with him, I now look at houses in a different light.  From structure, to flooring, and location, Dustin was a great asset in helping me find what I was looking for.  When we found our "dream house", Dustin helped me negotiate with the seller and explained the me why we were offering what we did each time.  Throughout the entire process, Dustin made everything easy and fun.  He understood what I was looking for and never pushed his opinion on me except when I wanted him to.  Even in those situations, he was able to explain why he thought they way. Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced one, I would highly recommend working with Dustin."

Leah D.

He is an extremely knowledgeable agent and helps you in any way possible. He works very hard to find the exact home you desire and truly knows so much about the home buying process. I was purchasing my first home and had many questions during this easy process (thanks to Dustin). He also found me a great loan officer and home inspector. My property was exactly what I was looking for in a home. I love the neighborhood and the price he negotiated for me! My home value has increased exponentially since buying. I was lucky he took the time to help me get all the qualities I wanted in my first home. He is trustworthy, wants the best for each unique homeowner, and won't settle until you are happy. His calm demeanor and great personality made my experience the best! Thank you Dustin! I highly recommend Dustin Ultican for any real estate need."

Kristin L.

"Dustin possesses a nice balance of qualities. He was professional yet personable and friendly, reached out and initiated contact yet not pushy, knowledgeable about homes yet not overly opinionated. The market was highly saturated with buyers and not enough homes for sale to meet the demand so it was extremely competitive. Despite the intensity of the atmosphere, Dustin helped us navigate it all and always seemed calm and rational yet was very responsive. It made all the difference in our ability to get the home we really wanted when we finally found the right one.

Mike C.

"He was always there for me.  Just a great guy."


Alison R.

"Dustin was very professional and very quick to return any calls and complete and requests.  He had our house in contract in less than 24 hours.  His professional opinion and expertise helped us get our house ready to sell.  He also helped us to get a great deal on our beautiful new home.  We felt like we were Dustin's only customer (and I know we were not)!"


Natalia D.

"It was extremely hard to look for a home two and a half hours away from the town we currently reside.  Dustin always did find a time for us whenever we were able to come to Columbus.  He tailored his schedule to ours!"


Kelsey B.

"Dustin made our house search process very easy and stress-free!"

Kendy B.

"Dustin was great in helping us find our home! We were busy during the week so we had a lot of weekend visits set up - he never seemed to mind and showed up for each one!


Krystal S.

"Dustin helped us out tremendously through the first-home buying process.  He answered all of our questions and gave us some tips we weren't expecting.  He was constantly contacting the sellers to reach our expectations."


Dustin Ultican

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