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Home Buying

Buying a home should be an exciting time! It can be a foundation for financial and personal success as well as a place to individualize and make your own. There are many steps involved, and working with a trusted professional will help tremendously. If you're wanting to get started yourself, here are some important aspects to consider:

1. Price - the price of the home will always be a factor in purchasing, but focus must given to the true value of a home.  Two homes priced the same may not have the same value if one will need significant future repairs and maintenance.  The price also needs to fit within your buying ability.  To understand how much you can purchase, complete a pre-approval.  Pre-approvals give buyers buying power - they let sellers know they are able to purchase the property.  To start the pre-approval process, click Pre-Approval.  It doesn't take long to get pre-approved, sometime within minutes.

2. Location - where are you wanting to purchase your home?  Whatever the reason for your location, try to define where you would like to be so you can focus on the type of house desired.

3. Terms - what are the terms you need in the contract? As the buyer, you will most likely be sending the initial offer. What terms fit for you?  When will your lease end? Do you need any closing cost assistance? How long do you need for financing and inspections? The terms of the contract are extremely important to know up front. Not realizing something on the back end could cost you money and/or the house in some cases.

4. Market Conditions - how is this property priced compared to others? Is the market trending up or down? How long are homes lasting? Market conditions can affect terms and pricing. Improper evaluation of the market could cost you money, time, and a house if you're not careful.

5. Property Condition/Attributes - what is the style of the home? Are there items needing updated? What is the anticipated maintenance? The mortgage payment is only part of the true cost of ownership. Understanding costs up front will help owners budget in the future.

6. The Right Real Estate Agent - buying a home is not easy. There are many steps involved and correctly evaluating the home and the market will help you as a buyer avoid future issues and costs.  Depending on the market conditions, a good agent will be significant help finding the right home and getting you in contract.  

I'm here to help however I can.  When the time is right, I'd love to show you why I'm the best agent to represent you. Please call or text me at 614-402-9955.

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