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Leadership Academy

 Columbus Realtors Leadership Academy

I was selected by fellow real estate agents to be a member of the Columbus Realtors Leadership Academy in 2014 and the program finished in late spring of 2015.  It was a great experience and an honor to be selected by other agents within the industry. The program is administered by Columbus Realtors and representatives to help promote and identify future leaders within the industry.  This was a great experience for me to increase my awareness of the community and improve my abilities as a leader. Our experiences included community service opportunities, personal improvement, team building, meeting with city and community leaders, meeting with private industry leaders, studying the history of Columbus, and much more.

The program was fantastic.  Not only were the experiences great, but the relationships we built in the community, as well as the other members of the Leadership Academy, will prove to be a valuable resource as we continue with our careers and lives. It means a great deal to be selected as a member, but even more to be selected by peers within the industry!


Dustin Ultican

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