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10 Steps to Selling Your Home In Central Ohio




It’s going to be hard work to get your home ready for the buying market. All your preparatory work will
result in a quicker sale with more money in your pocket. As the old saying goes “no pain no gain”.

Steps to preparing your home for the Buying market

A. Remove all clutter
B. Clean off all counter tops and the refrigerator (all those magnets must go)
C. Paint the interior & exterior of your home if needed
D. Painting will bring you the best return on your investment
E. No strong odors (pet, cooking and other)
F. If carpeting is badly worn, replace
G. Organize closets
H. Remove all family photos
I. Replace all burned out light bulbs
J. Fix any drains, faucets or plumbing that are not operating properly
K. Anything that is broken or cracked, fix or replace
L. Exterior: trim all the bushes, weed and mulch all flowerbeds, plant flowers
M. Re-seal driveway, repair roof, replace broken gutters and missing downspouts, replace broken windows and screens
N. Remove and lock up all valuables, file away all important papers
O. Create an inviting curb appeal: A prospective Buyer will be enticed to take a look inside
P. Look at your home through the eyes of a prospective Buyer.
Would you be impressed with the current condition of your home?
Would you pay top dollar for your home if you were the buyer?
Q. You might want to have your home professionally inspected before you put it on the market.
All the necessary repairs should be made. This pre-listing home inspection gives the prospective
buyer a preliminary evaluation of the condition of your home.
The Buyer will feel more secure with the purchase of your home,
which again will result in a quicker sale at a higher purchase price.


Contact - Karen Gorski, HER Realtors
614-825-8822 or e-mail Karen@KarenGorski.com

A. I will ask you many questions about your home.
B. The answers to these questions will be used to determine the market value of your home.
C. A common definition of market value for your home is:
What a ready, willing, and able buyer will pay at a price a Seller will accept.
D. Market value is affected by the neighborhood homes that are currently for sale and have sold within the past 6 months,
current interest rates, terms offered, location and condition, features, square footage,and lot size.
E. The Real Estate Agent will set up a listing presentation with you at your home.
F. It has been proven that a good Real Estate Agent can obtain more on the sale of your home than you can yourself,
by correctly positioning your home for sale in the marketplace and taking advantage of
inside networks. When you consider the size of the commitment and the investment you are making,
it is a wise choice to get help from a Real Estate professional. Would you finance $100,000 to a
million dollars in anything else without seeking expert help?
G. Should you sell your home before purchasing another home?
The answer is probably yes because of the following:
Eliminates a financial risk You will know how much money can be used for the down payment on your next home.
You will not be paying two mortgages, taxes, and insurance on two properties
Your negotiations will be stronger with the Seller on your next home purchase
You might be able to lease back your current home for a month or two from the Buyer that is purchasing your home.
You may have to arrange for temporary housing


Listing Presentation What Karen Gorski’s listing presentation consists of:

A.I will tour your home. While touring your home I will make suggestions on how to ready your home for the Buying market.
I will also help you set up a pre-listing home inspection.
B. A written marketing plan will be presented to you. This plan will include a schedule of all types of advertising that
I use to generate interest in your home. Also included in this detailed plan is the process of listing your home,
showing feedback reports, a 30 day price and marketing review, the process of negotiations of all offers with your recommendations,
processing of all the paper work throughout the transaction from the signing of the listing agreement contract to closing.
C. A market value review will be presented
D. An estimated Seller proceeds sheet will be prepared for you.
E. The estimated Seller proceeds sheet will inform you of all the estimated fees that will be associated with the
sale of your home. These fees will include the following: The payoff of all existing mortgages associated with your property,
calculations of all property taxes, sales commissions, title charges and all other charges associated with the sale of your home.
F. At this time, if you are serious about selling your home the Consumer Guide To Agency Relationships
and the listing agreement will be signed.


The HER Realtors, Government Compliance Form Package will be issued to you.

A. All the forms that are used in a Real Estate purchase transaction are included in this package.
B. The Seller will need to sign all of the following forms:
1. The Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships (I will represent you as a Seller’s Agent)
2. The Listing Residential Work Sheet
3. The Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Contract
4. The Residential Property Disclosure Form
5. If your home was built before 1978, The Disclosure of Information and Acknowledgment Lead-Base Paint
And/Of Lead-Based Paint Hazards Form
C. Any other forms that may pertain to the sale of your home


Selecting a List Price

You must take into consideration these factors:

A. Location: Where is your lot located, what is adjacent to your lot?
B. Condition: is very important, your homes' condition can increase or decrease its' value; you can control the condition.
C. Competition: Neighborhood homes for sale, along with homes that have sold in the past 6 months;
what terms and amenities does or did these homes offer to the Buyers?
D. Terms: What incentives are you offering to the Buyer: help with closing costs, home warranty
E. Economy: Is it a Buyers or Sellers market
F. In a Buyers market there are many homes for sale, the law of supply and demand. Too much inventory causes the
home values to be low.
G. In a Sellers market there is very little inventory for sale. This causes the home values to increase.
H. When you receive an offer on your home, a Buyers or Sellers market will have an effect on your negotiating to sell.
The important thing to remember is to remain objective amidst the quickly and constantly shifting housing market
I. Appreciation: What affects appreciation: business climate, employment, housing supply and demand, affordability,
and current interest rates. A good economy and low interest rates drivesdemand which increases prices upward.
J. Select a realistic List Price
K. A full price offer will most likely occur within the first few weeks that your home is on the market.
The longer your home is on the market the less likely you are going to get a full price offer.
Look seriously at reducing your list price if you have not received an offer within the first 30 days from the time you have
initially listed your home. Listen to all showing feedback information and make changes.
The market and the Buyer will determine the final price for your home.


After signing the listing paperwork the following will occur:

A. A just listed sign will be placed in your yard.
B. An electronic lock box will be placed on your door for ease of showings.
C. I will take exterior and interior photos for a home feature sheet for Buyers to take with them as they preview your home
as a remembrance of your home.
D. The Official Real Living HER sign will be ordered and placed in your yard within
4 business days after your listing is submitted to the MLS system
E. Your home's listing information will be loaded into the MLS computer system
and the Real Living HER internet site. Within minutes of loading your home's listing information
into the HER Real Living listing web page your home will be instantaneously marketed
to the world. Real Living HER has the ability to display unlimited photos of your home.
You could receive a request for a showing within a few minutes after your listing appears on
both the HER Real Time Listing site and the MLS system, so you must be ready.
F. Computerized prospect match will start matching buyers to your listing
G. Within 1 to 24 hours your home will appear on the following Web sites:

HER Realtors Site
Realtor.com with extended text, extra photos, and virtual tour
Open house site
Virtual tour site

H. A virtual tour will be scheduled to be taken.
This tour will be available on the Internet within 3 business days after the photo session.
I. A Centralized showing associate will be calling you to schedule appointments for all showings on your home
J. Buyers and their agents will begin to view your home.
K. Showings: When a buyer previews your home, make sure you do the following:
Leave your home, take your pets with you if possible, turn on all the lights, open all the drapes and blinds,
pick up all the dirty laundry, put toilet lids down, no dirty dishes in the sink, make your home sparkle, play soft music.
L. Showing feedback will be sent to you via e-mail or text-message
M. You may need to make changes as per the showing feedback calls.


Receiving an offer and the Agency Disclosure Statement

1) When you the Seller receives an offer, you can do one of the following:

A. Accept all the terms
B. Reject all the terms
C. Make a counter offer to all or some of the terms that are in the Buyers offer
D. I will make suggestions as to the terms and conditions that you should accept or reject; that will be for your protection.
I will also review the Buyer's Agency Disclosure Statement with you.
E. Example of some of the terms and conditions that must be clarified to the Seller:
Does the Buyer have a loan pre-approval, are all the time, dates and terms acceptable to you the Seller.
I will suggest a counter offer to include dates for the Buyers final loan approval, a Seller’s attorney review,
along with other terms and conditions that might be a benefit to the Seller.

2) If you the Seller makes a counter offer, the Buyer can do the following:
A. Accept the terms of the counter offer
B. Reject the terms of the counter offer
C. Make a counter offer to the change the terms of the Seller’s counter offer

3) Acceptance: We have an acceptance of an offer, called a contract, when both the Buyer and Seller agree upon all the terms and conditions.
A. Upon acceptance, all the contingencies must be met within the time limits stated in the Real Estate Purchase Contract.


As your Real Estate Agent I will do the following to manage the transaction:

A. Call the Buyer’s lender to make sure that the Seller receives all the lender documents, such as the Buyer’s opinion letter
and a final loan approval letter, as per the agreed upon purchase contract.
B. Make sure that all the required inspections are done on time according to the agreed upon purchase contract.
C. In the Columbus Board of Realtors purchase contract the Buyer has a written contingency that allows
the Buyer to have the following inspections:

Home Inspection
Wood destroying insect
Well and septic
Lead paint

D. Sellers should not be fearful of the Buyer’s inspection contingencies. These contingencies help to lessen the Seller’s liability.
The Seller is giving the Buyer the opportunity to fully investigate all aspects of your home.
E. The Buyer could possibly call for repairs and mitigations
F. If the Seller agrees to make repairs, angieslist.com.
It's a good source if you are looking for a plumber, electrician or painter it's the fastest,
most reliable way to find the service that’s right for you. And, because they are online you can find service providers day or night.
G. I will contact the title company to schedule an appointment for the closing
H. I will provide the title company with the following:

Copy of all the agreed upon purchase contract paper work
The Seller’s back title insurance if applicable
All the Seller’s loan information
The title company will schedule a title search
I will help resolve any title or contract questions that may occur
Provide all the needed Buyer’s information: the Buyer’s lender, insurance company and all other requested information
I. Keep in touch with the Buyer’s lender until the Buyer has received final loan approval
J. After all the title work has been completed and the Buyer’s lender has sent their instructions to the title company,
a settlement statement will be tabulated.
K. I will review the settlement statement for accuracy and provide the Seller with a copy of the closing settlement statement before the closing.


Closing Day

A. I will attend the closing with the Seller
B. If Seller is unable to attend the closing, I will arrange for a pre-signing appointment.
C. Seller needs to bring proof of identification to the closing, i.e. photo driver’s license.
Along with any other required documents requested by the title company.
D. When all documents are signed by both the Seller and Buyer with all funds
disbursing, the Seller has just sold their home.
E. Seller will then receive their net proceeds check.


My Promise to you:

What I will do for you throughout the specified time period agreed upon in The Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Contract:

A. My Clients are very important to me therefore, I strive to earn their trust by caring for them as I would my own family.
B. Real Living HER Realtors is the largest Broker in Central Ohio.
C. Your home will be marketed on the Real Living HER Web Site... Which also links to many other websites..
D. Realtor.Com Web Site
E. My Personal Web Site
F. The Real Living HER Realtors, Realtor.Com as well as my Personal Web Site will feature a Virtual Tour throughout the listing period.
G. Local Newspaper publications
H. You will receive daily and weekly feedback updates on marketing and showing activity.
I. A monthly e-mail update report
J. My Real Living HER Office is staffed by a receptionist 7 days a week.

Karen Gorski: Qualifications [ Education, Knowledge, Experience ]

CRS, GRI, ABR, I have taken these educational classes to bring value to the transaction.
I have a firm commitment to the Real Estate business.
I have a reputation of perseverance and determination.

  • I am a full time Realtor
  • I have participated in the sale of hundreds of homes
  • Through these sales I have acquired strong negotiating skills.
  • I am honest and work very hard to achieve your selling objectives.
  • I am able to communicate with clients using all types of technology: e-mail, text, cell and computer.
  • Agent, Company, Marketing Plan = Value
  • You are always #1 with Karen Gorski.. I give personalized service.
  • Attention to detail.

For great results, Please let me prove it! List with Karen Gorski.

You’ve got the house… I’ve got the “SOLD” Sign



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