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10 Steps to Buying Your Home In Central Ohio


Get organized
Make a decision, that is a firm commitment, to making a home purchase.

Interview a few lenders.
A. Select a lender that is honest, ethical, that has a good service record and has a loan product that meets your needs.

Get pre-approved
A. To receive a pre-approval you will need to supply a lender with documents to start the loan process.

The advantages of being pre-approved.
A.We will not be looking at homes out of your price range.
B. You will have a stronger position with the Seller.
C. It speeds up your loan processing, you will obtain final loan approval quicker.

Interview a few Real Estate Agents
A.Select a Real Estate Agent that is honest, ethical, one that you have a good rapport with.

When a Buyer chooses to work with me, my promise to you; I will work very hard to meet your needs.
A.I will set up a consultation meeting to go over the entire buying process with you.
B.This consultation will take about 1 ½ to 2 hours.

HER Realtors will issue you a personal Government Compliance Package.
A.The Government Compliance Package contains all the forms you will use in a Real Estate Purchase.

In accordance with Ohio Law, The Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships along with The HER Realtors Buyer Acknowledgement Letter should be signed before I am able to show you any homes that are available for sale.

I will represent you as a Buyer’s Agent.
This representation is free. This representation will serve you well on purchases of re-sale, new builds and for sale by owner homes.
I will ask you to fill out a Buyer criteria sheet that will help me meet your needs.
I will review with you all the paperwork used in the Real Estate Purchase transaction.
A. All Agency Forms
B. Property Disclosure Forms
C. Lead Base Paint Form and Booklet
D. Real Estate Purchase Contract
E. All Contingencies
F. Process of Making an Offer
G. Importance of Having a Home Inspection
H. Questions you can use to interview several inspectors before you make a choice.
What does your inspection cover?
How long does it take?
What type of report do you prepare?
How much does the inspection cost?
How many inspections did you conduct last year?
How long have you been in business?
Do you have any special qualifications?
Do you carry errors-and-Omissions insurance
Can I call you after the home inspection is completed with any further questions that I may have?
I. All Other Required Inspection as they pertain to a certain property

How I find homes for you to purchase.
A. New listings that come onto the MLS System
B. Prospect match
C. I can e-mail, text, or call you about new listings
D. Contact For Sale By Owners
E. Newly built home
F. Help you with the building process
G. Search all web advertising
H. Network with other Realtors

As you are looking at homes make me aware of your likes and dislikes. If we have not found a home in 30 days you may need to make changes to your buying criteria form.

When you have found the home you want to purchase.
A. I will supply you with the entire list of homes in the neighborhood that are for sale and have sold
B. You will be able to make an informed decision as to the price and terms you would like to offer
C. You will sign an Agency Disclosure Statement. We will prepare an offer with various contingencies for your protection
D. Your offer along with the Agency Disclosure Statement will be submitted to the Seller

The Real Estate Purchase Offer will consist of:
A. A legal description
B. Purchase price
C. Contingencies: Financing, attorney review, inspections, deed & title coverage, taxes and assessments, home warranty coverage, items that will or will not remain in the home, walk-through, insurance, utilities, earnest deposit, closing date and possession.

When the Seller receives your offer they can do one of three things.
A. Accept all the terms
B. Reject all the terms
C. Make a counter offer to all or some of your terms.

If the Seller makes a counter offer. The Buyer can.
A. Accept the terms of the counter offer
B. Reject the terms of the counter offer
C. Make a counter offer to change the terms of the Seller’s counter offer.

Acceptance: When we have an acceptance of an offer, the offer becomes a contract, this is when both the Buyer and Seller agree upon all the terms and conditions. Upon acceptance, all the contingencies must be met within the times limits stated in the agreed upon Real Estate Purchase contract.

Buyer upon acceptance:
A. Get a copy of the Real Estate Purchase Contract to your Lender
B. Set up all inspections, complete all inspections, make any request for repairs.
C.Call your insurance agent you will need 1 year home owners insurance paid in full before closing.
D. Set up your utilities.

Final loan approval:
A. Your lender will call you when your loan has been approved.
B. This is when the underwriter has reviewed all the documents you submitted to the loan officer along with the appraisal.
C. If all the loan requirements are met the underwriter will issue final loan approval. This is the lender's confirmation that you will be receiving your requested loan.

Final Walk-Through
A. Gives you assurance that the home is in the same or better condition as when you made your offer. Also to ensure that all requested repairs have been completed.
B. At this time I will go over the Settlement Statement (HUD) with you.

Closing Day
A. You must bring a Bank Check in the amount as shown on the Settlement Statement.
B. I will return your deposit check
C. Bring proof of the first year paid Home Owners Insurance.
D. Any other document requested by the Title Company.
E. A form of ID (example Driver License)

Congratulations!!! You are a new homeowner

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