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Thinking of Buying a home??

Kristina has assisted many buyers throughout the years with homes, condos, land, relocation and more! Looking to buy with No money down?, VA?, Conventional?, Not Sure? no problem! I will be there to walk you through it, step by step!

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Important Questions First Time Home Buyers Should Ask
Should I buy a new home or an existing home? Approximately 21% of home buyers purchase new houses in a given year. The rest buy existing homes. But that number rises or falls depending on the amount of new construction in a given area. A few things to think about:

  • New construction generally costs more than existing housing 
  • The neighborhood may not be established and may not be for 3-5 more years. 
  • Make sure you choose a reputable builder (Your Realtor can help you research the builder). 
  • Do you want to live in a new home or are you willing to possibly do some fixing up? 
  • How long do I plan to live in my future home? This is an important question for you to answer.Why? Because the answer directly affects the size, type, and location of the home you buy, as well as the terms of the mortgage you use to finance your purchase.
  • When I go to a showing, what should I look for? At a first showing, you’re looking for a home that meets your basic needs. 
  • Is it within the right distance to work, family,church or friends?
  • Does it have enough bedrooms and bathrooms? 
  • Is there enough storage space? 
  • Is there enough parking spaces? 
  • Is it in the right school district? 
After the basics, there are many wish list items to consider: 

  • Is there an extra bedroom and/or bathroom? 
  • Is there a patio or deck? 
  • Is there a basement or crawl space? Is it convertible into useable space? 
  • Is the garage attached? 
  • What is the condition of the house? (This will also be taken care of during your home inspection).
  • How much will it cost to own and maintain? The basic expenses will include but not be limited to: 
  • Mortgage payments of principal and interest 
  • Real Estate taxes and property insurance (This will be included in your monthly mortgage payment if you choose to escrow) 
  • Homeowners assessments (not all areas have this) 
  • Utilities including water/sewer electric,gas,cable,phone, etc… 
  • Repairs and maintenance of the interior and exterior of the home

Top 10 Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make

  1. Looking at homes you can’t afford.  This is why it is so important to get pre-approved by a lender
  2. Buying in a neighborhood you know nothing about. Spend time in the neighborhood. Drive thru it during all times of the day to see what traffic and area activity is like.
  3. Operating on a first house is best basis.  Do not make impulsive decisions. This is a very large purchase; make sure that it is a wise one. Your Realtor can help you determine if it is a good choice for you.
  4. Buying a property that’s difficult to resell.  Before you buy a home, think hard about how you would sell it. Your Realtor can assist you with this by doing a market analysis for the area.
  5. Buying the wrong size home. Before you buy a property think about how long you intend to live there, and allow for significant changes in your lifestyle and family size.
  6. Being indecisive.  Don’t lose potential homes due to fear of making a decision. If you feel that a home would be a good match for you then act on it, before someone else does.
  7. Incorrectly timing your move.  The best time to close on a house is when your current lease ends. If you can’t time your closing correctly, approach your landlord about a shorter, or month to month lease.

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