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Setting the Standard with Our Extensive Marketing

As your HER sales team, we will provide you with a comprehensive network of products and services that address the unique needs of marketing your extraordinary home. We know that the critical factor in selling your home is to project an image that meets a certain standard of excellence. We have a strategic marketing plan that offers unparalleled programs and services that will capture your home's distinctive characteristics.

You want someone who can guarantee you an advantage in the marketplace. You also want a knowledgeable team of specialists who maintain the highest standards of excellence with connections to the highest number of qualified prospects. We will provide you with the latest technology, most sophisticated sales technique and the finest customer service. We will do this by combining traditional and Internet marketing to drive these "connected consumers" to your listing, regardless of where they are searching for a home.

Today's buyers demand 24/7/365 access to information, in the convenience of their own homes. Advertising your home 24 hours a day until it is SOLD, our exclusive marketing program creates maximum exposure for your property. These initiatives include powerful and exclusive marketing strategies to target unique buyers for your home.

As a matter of fact, according to NAR, the Internet has become the primary media source for consumers looking for a home.

Remember, we have mutual sell your home

1. at the highest possible price!
2. within your desired time frame!
3. with the most favorable terms!

We will be working together as a team to get your home SOLD! Cooperation and communication will benefit the successful completion of these objectives.

The Yoder-Barnhart Connection's Service Guarantee and Marketing Plan

We will perform a comparative market analysis (CMA) of your home and determine its value in today's market;

We will counsel you on the visual presentation of your property and suggest ways to enhance its marketability;

Submit your property to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) immediately, which will expose your property to more than 5,000 real estate sales people;
We will do a Real-Time Listing, which consists of interior/exterior digital photos and placing them on the Internet and our website immediately. (This is at least 7 days before our competitors could ever do it);

Install an HER Realtors yard sign, directional signs, and lockbox on your property for easy access by other sales associates;
Announce your property and its key features and amenities at my next HER Realtor's office meeting, exposing your home to other HER Realtor Agents representing buyers;

Prepare information sheets to highlight the important and exceptional features of your property;

Send "Just Listed" cards to at least 200 neighboring homes as well as targeted markets with buyers for your home;
Prepare information sheets to highlight the important and exceptional features of your property;

We will hold your house open when appropriate. If there is little to no activity and we feel it is necessary then your property will be placed on a scheduled basis. Your property would be advertised on the open house section;
Schedule a virtual tour (if no discounts are given). We have our videographer come out and film a video of your home to be displayed on our website. This allows people to preview your home before they set up a showing;

Immediately feature your home among HER Realtor's 100 newest listings on;

We will also advertise your property in The Real Estate Book and/or Homes Showcase Magazine;

Place your property in our own front page Sports Banner Ad in the This Week paper;
Network with other agents about your home. We try to supply you with feedback from every showing;

We also provide you with Internet statistics bi-weekly. This will tell you how many people have viewed your home on our website during that time.

Whether you're buying a home, selling a home or just want to know more about Real Estate, you've come to the right place. I'm ready to serve you, and assist in all your real estate needs.

Maximum Marketability for Your Home

A home that "shows" well, whether in person or through an ad, can have a significant advantage over the competition. Professional staging can be very valuable in creating an excellent first impression.


We recommend the following home improvements to maximize the marketability of your home........

Your front yard immediately reflects the inside of your house to the buyer. If buyers do not like what they see outside; the prospective buyers may simply drive away and buy something else.


  • Remove dead tree limbs and other yard debris;
  • Liven up the landscaping by planting fresh shrubs or flowers;
  • Arrange outdoor items neatly, put away lawn equipment;
  • Wash or touch up with paint your home's exterior;
  • Repair or replace loose or damaged roof shingles or flashing;
  • Clean or repair broken windows or screens;
  • Patch holes clean and neatly arrange the garage or shed;
  • Keep lawn mowed and shrubs well trimmed.
  • Wash walls, ceiling and trim;
  • If possible, paint with light neutral colors;
  • Repair cracks in plaster;
  • Tighten loose door knobs, pulls on drawers and cabinets;
  • Fix sticking or squeaking doors and windows;
  • Fix loose banisters;
  • Repair and clean caulking around tubs and sinks;
  • Fix leaky faucets, remove water stains and sinks;
  • Organize basement and/or attic;
  • Organize closets and remove clutter;
  • Organize contents of kitchen cabinets and remove clutter from kitchen countertops;
  • Launder draperies, blinds and curtains;
  • Odors must be eliminated especially if you have dogs or cats or if you are a smoker.

When your home is being shown, please do the following:
  • Turn all lights on;
  • Keep all drapes and shutters open;
  • Leave soft music playing;
  • Take a short walk with your children and pets;
  • Leave the premises;
  • Let buyer be at ease;
  • Potential buyers must feel comfortable in your home. The potential buyer must emotionally "move" into your home and typically cannot if you are present while they are viewing or considering your property. 

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