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Jen Wiles

Regional Vice President - North Central Ohio - REALTOR

Home is a place where friends and family can experience security, joy,and love. We are a military family and I can say with the utmost pride that "there's no place like home!". Lasting memories are made in homes all around the world and I'm hoping I can help bring you "home" no matter where you decide to plant your roots. I'm planted in the southeast corner of Wayne County on the edge of Amish Country, surrounded by rolling hills, the clip-clop of horse hooves on the pavement, local business owners who are vested in their communities, and neighbors who care about each other's families. I'm watching my family grow, raising grandchildren, and experiencing a wonderful life in small-town Ohio. With all the joy that being a home owner has brought me, I'd love to help bring you "home" too!

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