For a couple of reasons

1.  If we write an offer, Sellers will expect a pre-approval letter.  If one is not with the offer, they will not take our offer seriously and we may lose out to an offer that is accompanied by a pre-approval letter.

2.  We need to know we are looking in the correct price range. To that end, I need to know your top figure in addition to the figure you are most comfortable with.   Sellers do not like to have people that are just browsing come through their home and it would be very unprofessional of me to do so. 


Now that you are approved we can start looking.  With your approval letter, any offer you make will be taken seriously.  A few things not to do until you close on your home are below.

  1. 1.  Avoid job changes.  Of course a raise would be a good thing, but changing jobs may necessitate changes in your loan.  Immediately let your lender know of any changes in your job.
  2. 2.  Do not use credit to make big purchases....like buying a car/RV/boat.
  3. 3.  Do not open any other credit cards or run up a big total on existing charge cards. 

There is no worse feeling than getting down to closing and not be able to do so until these items are fixed or removed.  And they will find them, usually right the day before closing they will run credit again and if these items appear you will not close.

Before we do a search, make a list.  Actually 3 lists.  

1.  List what you want in a house.

2.  Make another list of what you can live without.

3.  Make a list of what you definitely do NOT want in a property.

These can and often do change as you look.  Please keep me informed of changes.  

OK, we find you a house and you want to make an offer.  What should you offer?  Many factors play into this.  Some people think you can take a per cent off of the list price.  That approach does not work.  As your agent, I present you with a market view of other similar properties in the area based on the condition and amenities in that home.  When you decide on a home you like, you have that information to determine a price.  

There can be other mitigating factors, such as multiple offers on a property in a "hot" area.  This would bring the question, would you like this home enough to risk losing it or making an offer above list price.   Lately, we have been making offers on some properties with an "escalation clause" which we will discuss if the situation arises.

Then in other cases we will look at a property and think "this needs a lot of work.  In that case, we would have a bargaining position.  If need be, we can have a contractor(s) give us estimates.  

One more step before we go looking.  There are documents required by the State of Ohio needing reviewed and signed.



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