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Info on Any Home from Any Phone Anytime

You're driving around when you pass what could be your dream home for sale - and you want details now! Simply call Curbside Info from your cell phone, enter the street address and instantly receive all the real estate info you need, including price. It's that easy and it's available only from HER Realtors.

Columbus: 614-221-7400

Cincinnati: 513-587-5400

Dayton: 937-431-7777


Call system phone
number, enter a
house number and
listen to property


Choose to receive
text message about
specific properties.


Register for
Curbside and you
can automatically
receive e-mail
updates on


Curbside Info lets you get information about any home on the market from any phone just by calling one number and simply entering the street address. That’s it. The service will prompt you through all of your options from there. To register to use this free service, simply click this registration widget and enter your information.

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