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Home Improvements that Yield Big Returns

There are updates that will impact your home's sale and some that will not, so before investing a lot of money you should see which ones will help you.

Some renovations may not only fail to improve resale but could actually reduce your home's overall value. The National Association of REALTORS® and Remodeling Magazine can help you know which renovations will help you.

Buyers want mid-range restraint, not over-the-top luxury. They want a boosting living space. It is recommended that you go with first impressions, like replacing the entry door.

Here’s is the list of improvements that provide the most return on investment:

  1. Kitchen cabinets
  2. Add or replace tile
  3. Breakfast bar
  4. Granite tile countertops instead of slabs
  5. Freshen bathroom
  6. Freshen basement
  7. Room addition
  8. Replace cabinet fronts
  9. Replace light fixtures
  10. Garage door opener (touchpad)

A little improvement in the right area can go a long way and may cost you less.