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Negotiating the Sale of a Home

Only a skilled negotiator can take two sides with opposing interests and bring them to consensus.

At any bargaining table, the discussion can get bogged down, but your real estate agent and company knows how to work through, around and over any potential sticking points to bring the talks to a mutually satisfying conclusion.  That’s the benefit of having a real estate agent negotiating on your behalf, we work in your best interest.

Before engaging with an agent, it's good to know how they will handle negotiations. Ask questions like:

  • How will multiple offers be handled?
  • Will you present the buyer's offer to me?
  • On which points should we stand firm and on which can we compromise?
  • How can you help me figure my bottom-line selling price?
  • What will you do to get me the best price in the shortest period of time?

More than one buyer has rescinded an offer in the negotiation process, so having an expert negotiator is just one more reason to work with a professional real estate agent.