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Village of Baltimore


The first decade of the 1800's the Baltimore area was settled by Swiss farm families and families from the Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. On March 2nd 1825 the Swiss dedicated their town as Basil and the Virginian's dedicated their town as New Market just the day prior. Later that same year the Ohio-Erie Canal started its ditching toward the two Villages. Three years later the Hamlet of New Rome was dedicated, that was located just north of the two other Villages. The villages consolidated in the 1900's to what is now known as Baltimore. Baltimore has a small town feel about it. Local grocery stores, places to eat, and parks that you can tell the Village takes pride in.

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Baltimore, a small rural community, is home to five parks, several walking trails, and a community swimming pool. In addition, Baltimore hosts several exhibitions each year at its local museums.

One famous landmark in Baltimore is the Baltimore Town Hall and Victoria Opera House. Constructed in 1905 by the city of Baltimore, the building features an old-fashioned theater on the second floor with a small balcony. The Baltimore Town Hall is the last remaining theater of its kind in Fairfield County.


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