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Village of Lithopolis


Lithopolis gets its distinctive name from the Greek words "litho" and "polls" which means "City of Stone". This name is attributed to the large stone quarry that was just north of the village. Lithopolis has pre- Civil War and early 1900 architecture throughout the village. Many of the shops and businesses along the main street are in these restored buildings, but the neatest treasure in this town is the Wagnalls Memorial Foundation. This Tudor Gothic building was built by Mabel Wagnalls for use by the residents of Lithopolis and surrounding Bloom Township as a center for educational, cultural and literary arts activities, in memory of her parents who were co-founders of the Funk and Wagnalls Publishing Company. The Board of Directors of the Wagnalls Memorial, current and past, have just done a great job in preserving this community gem.


One landmark in Lithopolis is the Wagnalls Memorial Foundation. The Wagnalls Memorial Foundation has many of the paintings that served as covers for the Literary Digest, an early Funk and Wagnalls Publication. The works of many prominent illustrators who worked for the Funk and Wagnalls publishing house are on display at various times. Among those represented in our collection are Norman Rockwell, J.F. Kernan, F.X.Leyendecker, and John Ward Dunsmore who was a special friend and official portrait artist to the Wagnalls family. If you would like to learn more about the Wagnalls Memorial Foundation, click here:


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