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Pickerington is a welcoming community where families can enjoy safe, tree lined streets and an excellent quality of life. In 1811, James Looker of Rockingham County, Virginia, bought at a public land sale, land in Violet Township, including that on which Pickerington now stands. He never lived on his newly-acquired acres, but his children did, building log houses along the banks of Sycamore Creek. One of Mr. Looker's daughters, Ann, was the wife of Abraham Pickering. The Pickerings built a log home in what is now Sycamore Creek Park, which is no longer standing. Mr. Pickering decided to establish a town, so he bought some extra land from his father-in-law. Surveyors were hired and the town was laid out. Mr. Pickering reserved three lots: one for a cemetery, one for educational purposes and one for a Methodist Church. Other lots were sold, log houses were erected and a trading post was established, but for quite some time the little town had no name.

In 1815, a piece of news came from the East. Mr. Pickering rushed down to the trading post and threw open the door. The settlers were seated around the fire as it was early March. He called out to them, "Boys! Our town has a name!"

"A name?" they asked, "What is it?"

Pickering answered, "News has just come from the East. A great battle has been fought and General Andrew Jackson has defeated the British at New Orleans. So we are going to name our town 'Jacksonville' after the fighting son-of-a-gun, Old Hickory!" A great cheer went up and the new name was duly recorded at the Fairfield County Court House on September 15, 1815. Twelve years later, the citizens wishing to honor Mr. Pickering, petitioned the state legislature to change the name to Pickerington. This was done in 1827 and the new name was recorded in June of that year.


Pickerington has over 150 acres of park land, including five distinctive parks that provide quiet relaxation for it's citizens and visitors alike. Pickerington schools are some of the most outstanding in Central Ohio. In addition to its parks and schools, Pickerington is home to many local festivals including the annual Violet Festival which draws over thirty-thousand visitors to Pickerington every year.

Pickerington is also a great place to shop. Right off of SR-256, you can find several great places to shop and eat.


To learn more about the history: www.pickeringtonhistoricalsociety.com

To learn more about the city: www.citytowninfo.com/ohio/pickerington

To learn more about the schools: www.pickerinciton.k12.oh.us

Pickerington Business Association: http://www.pickeringtonvillage.com/

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