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HER Leadership Team

Company Officers

Sean Adams

Shawn Adams


Leanne Chylik

Chief Marketing Officer

Tom J. Olix

Esq. Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Anita Ricketts

Principal Broker Western & Southern Ohio

Louise Potter

Principal Broker Central & Northern Ohio

Tom Karovolos

President Of First Ohio Title

Corporate Office Leadership

Tom Hughes

Vice President Business Development

Stefanie Leonard

Chief Marketing Officer

Susan Wigler

Vice President Of Corporate Development

Carol Prigan

Director Of Training & Professional Development

Ron Hildebrand

IT Operations & Facilities

Travis King

Customer Care Manager

Jessica Rutan

Relocation Manager

Carri Lyons

Marketing Communications Manager

Taylor Coey

Digital Marketing Manager

Angie Ball

Executive Manager

Destin Clarkson

Technical Support Coordinator

Andrew Wetshtein

Agent Technical Support

Cindy Trimble

Transition Coordinator

Claudia Tauzel

Accounts Receivable & Commission Manager

Denise Pace

Accounts Payable

Amanda Mutchler

Director Of Agent Recruitment And Development

Susan Eckles

Director Of Agent Recruitment And Development

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