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Training & Professional Development

At HER, we invest in our most valuable asset... our people! Many brokers offer some kind of basic training, but at HER Realtors, we provide FREE, high-quality, multi-level Training and Professional Development for all agents!

Every Agent Receives:

  • Classroom training covering Sales and Technology.
  • Access to the Real Estate Training by David Knox website and an online on-demand coaching series.
  • Watch or listen to videos on real estate topics featuring internationally known speakers and real estate trainer David Knox and others.
  • Access to live and recorded webinars covering market trends, technology tools, and regulations.
  • One-on-one mentoring with flexible scheduling.
  • Small group coaching in instructor-led discussions and workshops.

Continue your Education by taking part in our:

  • Online Courses through our partnership with Hondros College of Business.
  • Core continuing education classes taught on a regular basis (Law, Fair Housing, Ethics).
  • Elective continuing education classes focusing on building your business, social media, HUD properties, and much more!

Join us at the annual HER Convention and our Statewide Educational Events:

  • HER Catalyst Program features nationally-known speakers and trainers and provide intensive training that emphasizes real-world application of concepts learned.
  • The HER Company Convention offers a day long learning and networking event with multiple speakers sharing relevant information to help you improve your real estate business. 

If you are ready to be part of the very best in the industry and can envision yourself as a professional pursing knowledge and a higher standard, Call us or fill out form above to being the journey.