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It was really a pleasure working with you throughout this whole process and I hope you'll say yes to an invitation to come by after I move in. Though I plan on keeping this lovely new home, if I ever need a Realtor, you'll be the first person I'll contact -- and will make sure others know how marvelous you are to work with.



Allison and I didn’t really know what to expect when we walked through Stonewall’s doors that day, but thankfully you were there to help us through starts, stops, twists and turns until we found this great home. Here’s to more success with the home-buying seminars and to the best Realtor we could have asked for: knowledgeable, professional, and sassy!

Sarah and Allison


Thank you so much. We wouldn't of got through this without you.

Kim and Nate


Hope everything is good with you. Just wanted to tell you the condo you helped Eric and I find is working out better than we could have hoped and worth all of the minor headaches along the way. It is great timing too, the mortgage rates increased a lot, because of the sub prime fall out. Anyways, just wanted to thank you again. I was also very impressed by how fast you were able to get our friends, Dan and Brian's house into contract, I know they are pleased they can move out of state with one less worry, we will recommend any one we know that is looking or sell to you.



Thank you so much for your dedication to this sale.

I have a new respect for your abilities and know that no other realtor could have; or would have seen this to fruition. You were focused even when the buyer and I were both beating you up.

I think I ended up in the best place possible given my situation and I give you credit for making the best of my no win situation. You found buyers that love the house as much as I did, dealt with the wrath of Kym, and ultimately closed the sale.

I would recommend you to anyone however, will try to limit my recommendations to clients who are not upside down in their home. :-)

Thank you for everything!



Terry really walked me through the process step by step, and gave me good things to think about so the process was not over whelming at all. For example, take a day of house viewing and figure out your top favorite...then compaire the next set agains that. It was these hints that really helped me figure out how to search for a home, and find one that I am really happy with.



Terry was very real and honest about the whole process. He help with every aspect of the selling of my property.



Being able to see multiple listing and the patience he had with all the changes I had to keep updating with respect to what exactly I was looking for.



Friendliness and patience go a long way for me towards developing successful personal interactions with anyone, and especially with sales people. So, I'd give our realtor very high marks in these critically important areas of PR.



Terry was very fast in responding to my questions. He encouraged me along the way when I thought home ownership might never happen for me. He was always proactive on my behalf. At closing, he was understanding and helped calm my nerves. I appreciated the fact that Terry took the time to explain the many details of a whole new subject to me, while still deferring to me for making all the decisions.



He was awsome. He's great at setting expecations, what negotiations might be like, making recommendations, listening.



What did you like most about working with your Realtor?

High tech, you tube videos.

Overall you were a very professional Realtor.



Very reliable, professional, respectful, always on time, always knew the answers to questions or how to get the answers quickly, very efficient.

James and David


I appreciate that Terry "kept it light." I never felt that there was anything too intense going on. He kept an even keel. At the same time, he stepped it up when he really needed to apply some pressure. I appreciate that he knew when the situation warranted a sense of urgency, and how to handle it. Also, he genuinely enjoys people and his job. This goes a long way in an industry that requires so much collaboration along the way.

Our friends recommended Terry. I'm glad we went with him. He was experienced, professional and on top of it. Best of all, he truly was fun to work with.



Terry was flexible and patient in helping my husband and I find a house. The house search site was extremely helpful. I thought Terry had a good sense of what my husband and I were looking for and tried to keep us on track. He was good at highlighting the pros and cons to a house. His valuation and pricing insight was right on.


Terry was very knowledgeable and patient. I had numerous questions. He answered all of my questions promptly and diligently.



His integrity and work ethic.

It was a pleasure to work with Terry...even in a short sale.



- His enthusiasm for the job
- His willingness to thoroughly and patiently answer all the questions, and ease the mind, of a first-time homebuyer

- His restaurant recommendations

Terry Penrod is awesome, was great to work with, and I would HIGHLY recommend him to others.



Terry was always available when we needed him. We had a short time frame that we needed to find and close on a house and he was able to get it done. He was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Terry was great. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor.

Terry has great energy and enthusiasm for his work. He made tremendous effort in finding and showing homes that met our specifications, which made our decision making process much easier. Although Terry works with many clients at once, his thoughfulness, availability and effort made it seem as though we were his only client! We couldnt be happier with our first home and the entire process.

Tyler and Jamie


Immense patience and always responsive. It took us a really long time to find the home we wanted, but we're very satisfied now. He's also been tremendous for after the sale help. Great guy. Really enjoyed working with him.

Bill and Andrea


Terry is a very personable, enthusiastic, funny guy, as well as organized, efficient, knowledgeable and professional. He admirably wants to do a good job so everyone is satisfied and makes sure everything is done right. In our case, Terry was acting as a dual agent and he was willing to direct his attention to every detail and concern we had as buyers. We felt confident that he was indeed looking out for our interests.

Richard and Jo


While we did a lot of our own finding of properties through Franklin County Homes site, everything we brought to Terry was set up for seeing and discussed thoroughly and candidly with us. He has a good presense with clients and a good sense of humor. We dragged him through every configuration of home-type, location and even a round of income properties and he handled each (and us) with real professionalism and humanity.

Terry has a wonderfully easy-going way about him. He was patient with us as shoppers, never rushing us or indicating we were all over the place with our interests (which we were). And he used his very good sense of humor to smooth some of the more rough patches in our search and purchase. And when it came to the purchase phase, he was a regular Sully Sullenberger, calmly bringing the deal to earth with no loss of life.

There were times I wanted more direction ("do this!") than he was willing to give (no good examples come to mind, but I remember feeling this way). However (and I believe he pointed this out), if he were to give certain advice, and we took it and the deal went against us, we'd be blaming him. That said, I'm glad he left certain decisions to us. And in point of fact, he's a top-notch adviser, with the indispensable skill of being able to present both sides of an issue clearly and with balance.

Sophia and Mitch

I just wanted to follow up with you saying that I met with Terry last week and he was very helpful and knowledgeable. That was an amazing referral, and thank you so much.



Terry Penrod

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